The Journey – Part 2

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that all the employees handling airfreight were not concerned with the service levels.?? Many times, freight is left off a flight simply because it was preplanned for a flight that was only going to be on the ground and available for loading and unloading 30 minutes or less.?? We were left with two choices, delay the flight, which was such a high priority within the company that it drove all of our actions, or…..leave the freight off, get the flight out on time and everyone in management was OK with that.

Airfreight has been a puzzling proposition.?? It seems like those airline executives in a position that should know what it takes to make carrying airfeight a known quanity concerning it’s profitability can’t make up their minds.?? An airline will make a corporate decision to enter or re-enter the airfreight market and go all in for a time, but eventually they will back off and begin to cut service and employees and then, as if it has never happened before, make a second decision to “get out of the airfreight business”.?? So another cycle is completed.?? I will never understand how airline executives can fail to build a business model that turns a profit year after year on their airfreight operations.?? With the absence of domestic freighters??they are hauling freight on flights that are going there anyway.?? Right?

Is it just an attitude??? Or is it ignorance??? More tomorrow.

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