The Voyage of the Plastiki


The Plastiki sails through Los Angeles.

And you thought we were all about moving pallets and cartons! Join us as we transport the vessel Plastiki on a 12 day, 1,834 mile journey from Napa Valley, CA to Dallas, TX. The boat will be the star attraction of Engineering & Humanity Week at Fair Park, before it transfers to the Perot Museum where it will become a permanent display. It will take up three full lanes on the freeway as we move it via police escort through four states.

Plastiki loading in Napa, CA

The Plastiki loads in Napa, CA

Haven’t heard of the Plastiki Expedition? Built to promote environmental awareness and designed by Australian naval architect Andrew Dovell, it is a 60 foot long, 22 foot wide vessel made completely from recycled plastic bottles and other PET waste!

CNN originally followed the trans-Pacific sailing of the vessel here:

For a short video on the making of the Plastiki, see here: YouTube: The Making of Plastiki

In addition, for a very interesting back-story on the vessel, see a recent Dallas Morning News column here.

3/29/13 Update: The Plastki’s 12-day cruise continues to remain on schedule as we traverse the great State of Arizona. We are expected to “dock” in Dallas on the morning of April 3rd. Join us for the arrival!

4/1/13 Update: The Plastiki has now sailed to within 100 miles of Dallas and is expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Off-loading will begin the following morning. We’re almost there!

4/2/13 Update: The Plastiki has arrived in Dallas and is set for its debut tomorrow at the fairgrounds!

4/3/13 Update: The Plastiki arrived safely in Dallas today and was offloaded at Fair Park where will it will be on display in a during fountain in coming weeks. it will be a star attraction in the upcoming “Engineering and Humanities Week” before it moves on to the Perot Museum.?? Stop by and check out this engineering marvel if you are in the area!

The Plastiki arrives in Dallas

On display in the museum fountain. Credit: The Plastiki Expedition

Plastiki Arrives in Dallas

Cran lowers Plastiki into the fountain. Credit: The Plastiki Expedition

Plastiki Arrives in Dallas

Museum Fountain. Credit: The Plastiki Expedition




The End.

– By Paige Cotcamp


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