Weekly Weather Forecast for Shipping

By Blake Cotcamp
Meteorology Intern

Global Weather Synopsis for the Week of 10/28/2013: Another Quiet Week

Summary: This week’s weekly weather forecast for shipping sees another relatively quiet week of weather across the globe, as is typical for the late October and early November time of year. The only major weather threats for the upcoming week are confined to the Western Hemisphere, as an extratropical cyclone is forecast to move across the United States midweek, while Hurricane Raymond makes a return appearance to the blog.

North America

United States
A large storm system will be affecting the eastern half of the United States in the middle of the upcoming week, which will bring widespread rain and thunderstorms to areas stretching from Houston. The cyclone will be affecting much of the Midwest and the area surrounding Texas on Thursday, and will move on to affect the Eastern Seaboard on Friday. Temperatures are predicted to be too warm for any snowfall to occur, so the most any airport should see is small delays for thunderstorms.



Source: NCAR (

No significant weather threats to shipping are forecast.

No significant weather threats to shipping are forecast.

Australia and Oceania
No significant weather threats to shipping are forecast.

Atlantic Ocean
No significant weather threats to shipping are forecast.

Pacific Ocean
Northeast Pacific
Hurricane Raymond continues to churn out in the Pacific Ocean, though it has now moved away from Mexico and no longer poses a threat to any land areas. As of 1:30 UTC on Monday, October 27, Raymond was a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph max sustained winds and is located approximately 725 miles southwest of the tip of Baja California. Although Raymond is expected to gradually weaken over the next few days, it will remain a significant threat to any shipping in the area through at least Tuesday.

Source: National Hurricane Center

Indian Ocean
No significant weather threats to shipping are forecast.

About the Author:
  Blake Cotcamp is currently enrolled at Purdue University where he is completing his senior year and majoring in Meteorology in their Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) department. An avid weather buff since an early age, with a passion for tropical storm forecasting, Blake prefers the “real weather” of the U.S. Midwest to that of the boring, predictable weather of his native Southern California.  When not chasing storms or reveling in the latest bout of bad weather, he can be contacted at

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